I met this person, we've been talking for quite a while. It's kind of tiring waiting for his response. And his response is like meaningless like it's only one word. It's getting tiring. I confronted him about this in the past, but ended up with a huge argument... It is really tiring waiting for an answer from him then I get an answer out of the thing I said or asked. We talked so much in the past, when we were like new to each other. We'd last for like hours... Now it's barely an hour. If you try to think that he answers instantly, that conversation will end in just seconds. I don't know if he's getting tired of me, is he annoyed of me...? All I know is I either want to let him go, stay with him or just let my feelings for him go numb and just be dray towards him. I confessed and he literally didn't pay any mind to it.