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What could be wrong with my foot?

About a month or so ago I remember walking down the stairs and as I stepped down I got this sharp pain in my foot. I couldn’t walk on it for a ...

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Do I inform potential employers I might be getting a surgery?

I have a tendon problem, and it is extremely difficult for me to walk or stand for extended periods of time. Do I wait until it is resolved before ...

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This is a weird question but I was walking my puppy and my puppy didn’t want to walk so I carried?

... her and some stranger near my neighborhood that I never seen before-asked what breed my dog was ? I answered politely starting talking to him ...

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How do you get your crush to like you? And how do you know if he likes you?

I like this guy in my school that I really like! My friend see him looking at me when I'm ...

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Schools - Okay, so I'm 14 and I'm having problems at school. I have friends at my school but not a?

... lot. Whenever I walk down the halls I can hear people whisper to ...

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How can I get a girl in grade 5 to like me?

I got a girl in my class called Emma and I really have a major crush. It looks rediculous When she walks into the class and ...

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My sister and her friends raped me?

They were in their room for their sleep over (They're all around 16) and I was asked to walk in, they grabbed me and taped me ...

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