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Friend is bringing her 11yo on conference weekend. The day I’m doing quiet work and friend is out...

...all day. I agreed to attend a conference and split room and travel costs with a friend. Last minute she announces her 11 year old daughter will be ...

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I forgot my work uniform. Please help?

I forgot my uniform at school and it's the weekend. I just started working here like 3 days ago. I feel really irresponsible, but I really like ...

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Does Jolyn ship on the weekend?

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Is it weird for me to go to the movies alone?

Everybody, including my friends are all busy this weekend and I wanted to see a movie. Since everyone is busy, I have no one ...

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Why isn't he texting me back?

I met this really great guy through a friend at a party last weekend. He seemed really interested in me and we hung out together a lot while ...

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Understanding girls?

So I went out to a club this weekend and got a girls number. We talked and I tried flirting it feels like I'm not getting anywhere.I'm not ...

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My guy friend wants to hang out on a weekend like at my house or something.What do I do with him?

My guy friend usually talks to me at school stuff.But,Since it's ...

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Am I just a girl dreaming that he may like me?

So there is this guy and I have known him sense school started. Anyways he asks me about my day, weekend etc. He touches my ...

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