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I'm really working on the way my body looks, I'm guess I'm what you would call Average body type?

... none to small notice of muscle structure, I've loss a great deal of weight 35lbs to be exact (225/190). I'm 25 male and also Type 1 ...

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I am a 21 year old, I think 5'11" currently 130 lbs. Should I do the GOMAD diet to gain weight?

I've added a gallon of whole milk to my regular diet for the last about 4 days, and my scale currently says i weigh 135 now, but i'm not ...

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What types of depression medications are not weight-gaining to use for depression?

it seems like all the dr's ever want to give out are only depression meds that have exsive weight gain and they really don't work all that ...

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How much should I weigh for my height and age?

Is there a simple formula that can be used?

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I want to lose weight but I can't stop eating is there kind of food or any thing to have will help?

well i want to lose 10 kg. but i can't tird alot of diets but i ...

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How to get a good figure naturally ? I want to increase my bust size and butt size?

my age is 20. im slim.i dont put on weight easily. i require my figure to be more ...

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Weight loss?

I am over weight and want to loss weight, I was wondering how other people loss weight.

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