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Terry and Julie visited their daughters during the winter months, from November through March.

Each daughter lived in a different city and Terry and Julies only visited one daughter each of the five months. The daughters’ names are ...

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What can I do on this winter day?

I am unable to drive right now. It's freezing outside. What are some indoor/outdoor things I can do?

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How to get warm?

I'm always cold and have the chills in the winter even inside with heavy sweaters and hats. I've tried using a heating pad but since the ...

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When will winter storm Kayla hit in 2016 and how much snow will come with it!?

Well I was just hit by winter Storm Jonas so I was just wondering when will Kayla hit in ...

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What should I do about this situation?

HI I'm 14, and a girl. My bed is right by the window, and my window is cracked. I CANT move my bed, or sleep anywhere else my ...

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Old Wine?

I am doing some serious Spring.. well maybe winter cleaning and found some old wine bottles that haven't been opened yet. what is the best/safest way to ...

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How should I bundle up in the winter?

I wear 4 layers in the winter a sweater 2 hoodies and a coat with gloves and im still cold what else should I wear make a list ...

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