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I broke my wrist last week I have a semi cast on it till I go to the bone doctor.

I broke my wrist last week I have a semi cast on it till I go to the bone doctor but I sometimes get bad sharp pains in the palm of my hand and my ...

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Wrist pain for 2 weeks, I’ve taken Advil, wrested it, inflammation still at base of thumb and pain

Seen doctor they said most likely not fracture, but also said it should be gone after taking Advil and it’s been 2 weeks. Pain comes after ...

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What does it mean if I see a little red vein in my wrist?

It's not really really red, it's like a fade away red.

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Is my wrist sprained?

Heres how it went. My friend and I were sprinting in a race. We didn't slow down in time though and smacked into the cement wall of our gym. My ...

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People - I have a wrist injury. Did I sprain it or break it badly?

I have a bad injury with my right wrist. I twisted it pretty badly, and I cant move it . . ., did I ...

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What are some WNT protein or any type foods?

Im needing to heal this fracture in my wrist really fast It would help to know which exact wnt foids to eat for faster bone ...

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I have a horrible grinding joint feeling in my left wrist what can that be??

When I move my wrist side to side up and down I get a really bad popping sound and a nasty ...

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Is it legal for my moms boyfriend to slap me, because he slapped me and kept doing it until I cried?

well i was arguing with my moms boyfriend and he slapped me, but it ...

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