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Gap’O has projected sales of 325,000 hospital gowns in October. Each gown requires 2.5 yards of?

... fabric. Th e beginning inventory of fabric and gowns, respectively, are 5,000 yards and 21,000 gowns. Gap’O wants to have 4,550 yards of ...

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I accidentally cut down the cedar tree on our yard! I would say it grew from 0 to probably 15-18ft..

...tall over a 14 year period and now it’s like 2ft tall. So I guess my question is; is there anything that be done to let it continue growing? ...

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Cooperative Yard Sales is NOT A SCAM!!!?

I’ve been reading all kinds of “reports” on the internet about Cooperative Yard Sales being a scam and it makes ...

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What are some fun things to do outside?

I am 13 and i just moved into a big house, with a big yard. But since i just moved i dont have any grass, just dirt and rocks. No ...

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Ok I've been having weird dreams. What can they mean?

The first one I had was with this dark haired girl that was in this yard with a well. She was walking around and ...

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How Auto Salvage Yards Will Help Us to Save?

Hi, How Auto Salvage Yards Will Help Us to Save Money? Kindest

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