What are the steps of becoming a police officer after high school graduation?

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You need to go to the police academy. After you graduate from there you're a police officer.

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for me you have to take a course of criminology or Philippine military academy first to commit your dreams to be become a good police officer someday.I salute you!

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In most major U.S. cities at lease a Associates degree then the Academy, after you pass the written & Physical tests, plus the all important back ground & credit check. Now Veterans are giving some slack, I don't think the degree is mandatory for them.

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You can go straight to the police academy or go to school for criminal justice. Also, there are times you can become a jailor to get more aquainted to the type of job then work your way up.

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After you graduate from high school there are many paths that you can take to becoming a police officer. If you join the academy (if you even make it right from high school) you might not have all of the skills they want and might not have room for job growth in the longterm along with job pay. If you go to college after high school and study whatever you want but most like criminal justice you will have better opportunitys of going Federal and detective. If you do not have the money to go to college you could join the military for two years which gives you experience and pays for your college.

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