What is cloud computing? how it can help a businees in growth?

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Cloud computing involves taking choice and control away from individuals and forcing upon them a certain way of working. For a business, it's more profitable to only have to support one way of doing things. Hence it is helpful to business to restrict individuals.

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Cloud Computing for small businesses enables them to expand at will and makes the operations flexible They provide access as and when it is requested for and thus business owners can accommodate new resources with ease. It gives them the ability to enhance their capacity to support the sudden growth of businesses.

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Cloud computing is a general term for various hosted services delivered over the internet. It is the use of remote, rented servers to store and manage data, rather than the use of a local, privately maintained server.

Before cloud computing existed, websites had to be hosted on a local server, which site owners had to purchase and maintain on their own. To ensure the risk of downtime was minimal, site owners needed to buy enough server space to accommodate peak traffic volume. However, that meant a large amount of server space went unused for much of the time.

Cloud computing allows individuals and organizations to rent server space, reducing the need to invest in onsite servers and maintenance personnel. Today, users can host full applications and development environments in the cloud, in addition to websites.

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