Ok i know this weird, trust me i think its weird too. My teacher is a guy, and at the beginning of the year it seemed like a pretty normal relationship between a student and teacher, i mean i think he something weird thing for me, but idk. He told my mom at parent teacher confrences that i was intelligent and very funny. Somewhere before that i got a little crush on him. Not big, he was inspiring. He wasent that bad looking either, i kept telling my friends he kept staring at me, and a couple of em said he did it alot, everytime he talked to me, he smiled, he favored me over everyone, i never got in trouble, and i still dont. But lately, hes been weird, theres the still usual things like never getting in trouble, and all that. But some days more than others he acts nervous and doesnt look at me, like im not kidding, really nervous. He might still smile, but idk. All i see is the nervousness. I need ur opinons. Sry for it being so long.