Don't ask me why, don't convince me otherwise, I'm tired of explaining, tired of people trying to convince me to stop, I'm wired differently, just like any individual is to the rest of the world. Right, conversation over, now all I want is answers.
Why. Don't. I. Get. Sick.
I've had dozens of ticks bite me, none of them give me Lyme disease. No poisonous bugs, arachnids, or animals live anywhere near me so I can't try poisons, and I'm still too young to travel.
I've had people in hospitals with diseases like the flu and other infectious diseases spit into a cup, I've turned 50% of their spit into a spray, which I would inhale, and the other 50% I would swallow. I would eat crap all month, avoid anything healthy, avoid drinking, avoid sleeping, I'm always stressed, yet nevertheless I'm fit as a horse. Heck I'm fitter than a horse.

WHY CAN'T I GET A FREAKIN' COLD AT LEAST. What the heck did I do to be this healthy????? Why, of all the people in the world, did I get an immune system this intense??

Please, PLEASE, just tell me, is there anything I can do to catch the flu? Or a cold? A.S.A.P? I've been trying for 7 years now. Ever since I was 10. Ever since I recovered from appendicitis. And just if you're wondering, my appendix did burst, I never got surgery, I should have died, but here I am.
People look at me all the time, like, wow, she's so lucky.

This is honestly nothing more than a living hell for me though, so please, please tell me you can help me.