every day you hear many things about ISlam and muslims ,,, why you donot search about Islam by yourself so you know if islam is right or wrong ,,
Muslims belive in Jesus as a great human messenger of God ( not part of any trinty or any thing but just same like great messengers before him like Abrham and Moses ) and like their own messenger Mohammad
Muslims don't believe in Sin or cross
but they believe that we get our own salivation by right faith and ood actions ,, no one dies for us
Muslims believe that God is only one ,, He is God the Creator ,, God of all messengers

Muslims believe that there is another endless life after death ,, in hell or in heaven
it is eternal, never ends ,,

in Quran ( the holy word in Islam ) God orders all human kind to follow the right way to win in this life happiness and good life and to win eternal life in heaven after death...
so?? can ISlam be true ??