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I am pregnant & my mother is kicking me out because of religion purpose, Idk what to do please help?

I am 16 weeks pregnant and Muslim , my mother is kicking me out because I am not married yet. I'm so lost and depressed I don't know what ...

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Samael vs Azrael vs the fourth horsemen?

Okay so I'm writing a novel and I need to know the difference between the aforementioned beings because I want to incorporate all three of them ...

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List all the religion followed in nepal?

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What are the aims of the religious organization Hezbollah?

I know they're a Islamic organization but where are they based? What are their goals?

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Why do people still bother with science when religion is obviously right ?

Why do you not believe in God ? How can you even dream of getting away with that kind of ...

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What religion are you?

I'm Christian.

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Do we need religion?

Do we need religion in our lives or do we NOT need religion? If we needed religion in our lives, we would only pray and pray to Him, up in the sky.

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