Hello there,

I have run into a very recent dilemma at work.When I was first hired, I went through two interviews - both of which looked at my hours / days of availability, and reassured me that they were okay times and I would be hired for such shifts. However, I have my times set in such a way, that they match up with the people I'll be carpooling with, as I no longer have a car. Again, I was reassured that this would be okay.

The three of us live on a mountain, in the boonies. We were told that in the event of a snow storm, we would be the first people contacted and given the okay to stay home. This event DID happen and we were forced to stay home; as neither the highway ramps nor the highway was plowed and it would be unsafe to take a 30 minute drive to work.

This was the first and only time I called out.

Now, because the restaurant manager was upset that three people called out, even knowing my situation, telling me it was okay, and even despite us calling several hours ahead (no one else would come cover the shifts, because even they thought it too dangerous and they only live 10 minutes away) - my hours are completely flipped to times that I absolutely cannot work.

My hours of availability are not being honored and even despite talking to the manager, are still not being honored.

Is this cause enough to reach out to Human Resources?