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What city experienced labour unrest at the end of the first world war? (Canadian history)?

a) Halifax b) Regina c) Winnipeg d) Montreal

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Can my boss make me pay for bieng new to the company (probation fee is what they call it)?

I do security the company charges 30 dollars every paycheck for your first 3 months with the company can be longer if they decide to extend the ...

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I hit my boyfriend first, then he hit me back a lot harder, worse, and more, should I forgive?

My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs. I have a small temper, but ...

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Read first, think and then awnser: Can the bible be used to scientifically prove "Gods" existance?

In history we learned of jesus born 3 b.c. and died in 30 a.d. during ...

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I'm writing a romance novel. I need a first name for a girl with the last name Hershey. Any help?

The character's description: She has blonde hair (somewhat long) ...

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