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Should I let go of my special someone? I think he barely cares anymore?

I met this person, we've been talking for quite a while. It's kind of tiring waiting for his response. And his response is like meaningless ...

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Is Careprost safe for pregnant women?

Careprost or any other eye care product contains growth hormone in its solution. This growth hormone can disturb the development of the fetus or the ...

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Netmeds customer care number 089279-24595 or 082934-26754, All information provided related?

... transactions issues just call now thanks

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How do I become a nicer person?

I feel like I'm mean. For instance, I make sassy remarks alot and sometimes come across as a jerk who doesn't care about her ...

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What should I do to change my life around and be happy?

So, i think I'm depressed, i feel like everyone hates me and i just don't care anymore about anything, i ...

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If someone say love you without "I" in front of it, does it mean anything or am I nuts?

Certain people, who I care very much for, say it like that and I was curious if it ...

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Do girls like chubby guys at all or are they really just settling because they cant have the hunk ?

Im talking about not obese men, but guys that are just... average ...

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