Around 2016/2017, I remember downloading this game off of the IOS Apple AppStore and it being literally one of the coolest mobile games I’ve ever played. I, unfortunately, can not remember the name of it and am going crazy wondering if it was all a weird fever dream or something because I can’t find it by just typing in “pixelated running game”, which was its main premise. I’m coming to the conclusion that it may have been just taken off the AppStore and deleted completely, but even if it was, I still want to know the name and prove that I’m not crazy, haha. I for some reason can’t even find pictures or anything related to it, so that’s why I’d deem it as maybe an obscure game. Here is what I remember:

-The graphics were an 8bit/pixelated art style, but in a unique way of its own.
-8bit music
-The main premise was that you were this pixelated character that races (not in cars or any sort of vehicle, just running) against other characters (all of them are real people playing against you, not NPCs, it was an online game) in different worlds/stages. There were usually things like obstacles, tunnels, jumping, platforms, things like that, included in the races.
-You could customize your character, by buying in the games store with in-game coin/currency, which would include clothes and your character’s head or mask. Characters were kind of ugly in a way, or humorous, I should say. Again, the style was unique and quirky.
-I believe there was this sort of lobby feature, where players could mess around and jump about, find treasure and coins, that sort of thing, separate from the races.
-Daily bonus features for logging in, completing goals to get a reward, treasure boxes with random items such as money or character customization items.

That’s about all I can remember. I’m realizing this may sound like a number of other games, but I’m hoping it’s unique enough to be remembered.

Anything helps, thanks for hearing me out!