Hey everyone, sadly I have to tell you, that I am leaving the clan. Since long time I have Invitations from many clan's out of top 5 , and because I am planning to play on elite level again, I need Elite partners who are active every time, because I work a long day and I can play only at eropean night time.

Please try to understand me, It shouldn't be that i have finished the last season with 15.000 points more then the second one (even I didn't played the last season day), and still have no rank in this clan, while there are some officers dawdleling on the last places. Also i can't understand why the point limit was reduced from 4000 to 2000 points.On this way you will never reach top 20.

Please don't be angry, you are all nice guys and I wish you all the best for the future. But my time is precious and I need the feeling to make progresses, which I don't have here.

kind regards