...some of the issues involved. Imagine that you are the scientist described here. How would you work out the ethical issues involved? As you consider your answer, which of the ethical theories that we have studied gives you the most support for the way you would work out this situation?

Imagine that you are a famous research scientist who is working on a cure for cancer. On the radio one day you hear an appeal for a young girl who needs a liver transplant. Your kind heart goes out to this girl. She has the same blood type as you do, so you respond to the appeal and undergo a DNA test. You find out that you are a match. Then, you are trying to decide what to do. Your husband and two children would vote against the transplant. They are worried about the severity of the surgery which the doctor says will have about a 70% chance of restoring the girl to a normal life. At the same time the doctor says that your full period of recovery will be about 9 to 12 months before your liver regenerates the tissue that has been removed