I am really scared it might. I don't want to be reincarnated again I have had such a horrible life. I was abused by my parents for years and the idea of having to live through that horrible time again is just too much. According to the theory when you die the energy and matter that makes you up is converted back into the universe in numerous forms. Eventually that energy and matter in an infinite timeline will eventually reform as you again under the exact same circumstances. Thing is will that be you the same consciousness and mind or will it just be a copy of you. The energy has been converted back into matter, but its not the original matter that made up you and therefore its a different consciousness as consciousness comes from your mind. I wouldn't mind if it was just a copy of me that was being recreated. The idea of it being me just without the memories and having to endure that abuse for the first time again is making me miserable every day. Please tell me even if there is validity to the theory it wouldn't really be you just a copy of you I don't want to live again I really, really don't those horrible horrible times I'm crying at the thought of it.