How can you forgot the person if you really love him that much?

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* Try to remember his bad things, that you didn't like then.
* Burn (do not throw) gift and photographs.
* Abuse him, if he comes to your mind.

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Its simple, you can't. There is no possible way that you can forget that person because you loved them so much. Just let him/her be a memory and get over it... thats what I do

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tell you the truth I cant either. I a major crush on this boy, from last year, but I still like his a lot. I am in 4 grade.

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Let go of him first before you forget.

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well you have to make a stand some where it seems not so good but you need to do things for you not for anybody else it really can be devastating but you can get rid of it it will just take time nourish the pain

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