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Settings clear conversation and its timing?

When I click clear conversation in the settings options , it gives a list of users I have talked to. It also shows a time under each person like 26 ...

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Can a construction manager/superintendent be held personally liable for a death or permanent....

...injury that happens on a project that person is supervising?

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Am I a “normal” teenager?

Hey so I am the type of person who has a small group of close friends and is “basically” friends with everyone. I don’t really have ...

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Will a failed snapchat still send automatically after wifi is switched on?

I sent a snap to the wrong person but I immediately switched off the wifi before it could send. ...

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Is it legal for a 15 year old to date a 19 year old?

I've been dating a person that is 19 and I'm 15. Is it illegal?

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If youd call someone "hon" "dear", is that a sign that youre attracted to the person?

Ive got a male friend who calls me "hon", "dear". I like him a ...

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