So my mom works at the same school that I go to. She was in the faculty room when my AP World History teacher approached her. He told her that he took my iPad (iPads are what we use in school) because I wasn't taking notes and that I was on another application. So I was taking notes and I got all the notes from that day but I do admit on not being on the notes only ONE time during that class period. At my house the home environment in unfriendly and strict. My parents yell a lot at stupid things. So, of course, my mom decides to tell my dad and they went off on me and took my iPad and phone. They told me hurtful things. BUT get this, my brother got caught cheating on a test yesterday with his iPad, BUT OF COURSE, they did nothing, all they did was yell at him. So today my Spanish teacher decided to tell my mom that I was "fooling around on my iPad". I wasn't!!!! I swear to god I wasn't!!! I was taking the notes for the entire period!! But my mom doesn't believe me!! I have proof of the notes and she doesn't want to see them. My dad is getting home soon and she is probably going to tell him and he is going to get mad and probably not believe me. I sent an email to my AP Teacher apologizing for what happened in class yesterday. I emailed my Spanish teacher and asked him to talk to my mom to clarify that I wasn't doing anything wrong in his classroom. My parents will tell me that I'm making up excuses.