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So umh I had a crush in elementary and she found it out and she is ignoring me until now that we are

... in high school. Do you know why she is ignoring me

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Does any one have the answers for algebra 2 quarter and final exam I would love you can help me?

... please it's for James Madison high school please and thank you

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Whats the difference between i&rs and special ed?

just got an email from my son school stating they want to meet with me regarding a program call i&rs and by the research i just did it sound to ...

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I told a girl I loved her and now she wont talk to me what should I do?

I'm the school holidays I told this girl who I was really good friends with I loved her over ...

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Need to get answers for American School exams.. Im willing to switch anwers with someone... thanks?

Need to get answers for American School exams.. Im willing to switch ...

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How to tell a boy you like him in 5th grade?

I'm in 5th grade and I'm 11 years old and I really like this guy at my school i started liking him a while ago and ...

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What do guys look for in girls?

I like two guys and there really nice but I was wonder what guys like about girls help!!! Ps im at high school and thanks in advance ;)

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What should I do?

My school makes my life a living nightmare. The girls are cruel and evil. They start nasty horrible major rumors, call me names, turn everyone against ...

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