Im 5'2 and weigh 115. my stomach is flat and I somewhat have abs. But under my belly button is a little fat pouch that sticks out so when you look at me from the side I don't exactly look good because it goes straight down then when you get to my belly button it goes out and back in at my waist :/ when I go swimming with friends I cross my arms in front of my stomach because I dont like it. I suck my stomach in a lot. And I also want to know how to get rid of the extra fat under my butt and have a NORMAL great butt. I mean i have a butt it sticks out a little, but it is flat and goes inward a little. Under my butt cheeks are and extra layer of fat, THEN my legs. I want a normal butt. Just butt then legs. Not the fat layer in between. Oh and i have found many answers for my fat pouch but its telling me to buy stuff or get a workout machine which I cant do.... I just want a simple daily workout or whatever that will FOR SURE get rid of it before summer:( I really dislike my body please help:(