Okay, so I’m 13 about to turn 14, and there is a lot of peer pressure to have a skinny waist and stomach, but to also have big breasts and bum. I still haven’t got my period yet because I got pneumonia last year at Christmas, so it sort of “stunted” my growth and I haven’t grown very much physically in the past year. I am starting to become really upset and annoyed at myself for not being skinny and not having breasts, and I can’t buy any creams or pills because my mum probably won’t let me get them (as much as I would love to try everything there is). I eat very healthy most of the time and I do a lot of exercise, but my friends are starting to bully me about it, and I’m starting to bully myself about it too. IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I CAN GROW MY BREASTS AND GET SKINNY AGAIN WITHOUT BUYING CREAMS OR PILLS?