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Why do people copy me? they copy my ideas, the games I play, and even my own clothes, this is all at

... school, what do I do? I feel like I cant be myself and do what I want without someone disturbing my own free space to make my own ideas.

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Why is it when I move a body part, I can feel certain parts of my brain "flex"?

I am a 15 year old male who has had a brain surgery where there is a tumor blocking the passage of CFS fluid between the third and fourth ventricle. ...

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Why do I feel sad sometimes when birds are singing?

No relatives have died that remind me of birds singing or anything that I can think of.

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Should I tell my crush How I feel before I move?

I'm moving thousands of miles away from my crush. I have liked him for 5 years now and he knew I liked him a long ...

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I had phone sex with a guy thats not my boyfriend and I feel horrible what should I do??

I met my boyfriend in DEC 2010 I have known him for almost 2yrs been together for ...

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Can anyone help me with my crush?

Okay so I've liked this guy for over a year now. I have barely said a word to him before. Yet i don't know I think I just feel ...

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How do I become a nicer person?

I feel like I'm mean. For instance, I make sassy remarks alot and sometimes come across as a jerk who doesn't care about her ...

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Why do people feel shy?

I think i feel shy or uncomfortable, i dont know myself. Whenever there is a girl near me i feel uncomfortable. Can somebody tell me wat is matter ...

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