How to make money online in 2021 by different ways?

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well.. you can start off with getting some bitches.

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Start a dropshipping store
Create a print-on-demand store
Sell digital products
Teach online courses
Become a blogger
Run an affiliate marketing business
Sell stock photos online
Become an Instagram influencer
Invest in the stock market
Lend money to peers
Buy and sell websites
Start a YouTube channel
Invest in REITs
Stake cryptocurrencies
Sell designs online
Invest in businesses
Sell NFTs
Create a job board
Create no-code apps
Write a digital guide
Earn royalties through inventions
Record audiobooks

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Here are the top picks for making money online:
Print on demand.
Custom products.
Sell on Etsy.
Sell on Amazon.
Digital products.

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