I am experiencing neck pain since 2 weeks. I am considering a laser therapy. Is it safe?

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Before you go into an expensive surgery I suggest visiting a Chiropractor. Many times that's all it takes to fix neck problems. The root of your neck pain may not even be in your neck, it could be in your back or shoulders usually because your it is out of place and needs to be adjusted. That's why I suggest seeing a chiropractor.

Having said that yes, laser surgery is safer and you do not usually have a lengthy recovery or even need to stay at the hospital.

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Laser therapy is not surgery

I also suggest that you seek the help of a chiropractor. Don't easily jump into laser therapy because it is invasive and dangerous. You can start because they provide chiro treatment. It is natural and drug-free. You won't be suffering side effects. It is also cheaper compared to other modern therapies.

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It is neither invasive or dangerous. Ive used cold laser therapy on my knees.

I go to weekly chiropractor sessions and if you use Groupon for the laser
treatments they are not that far apart in costs especially when over the long haul you will use many many more chiropractor treatments than you will laser treaments. Those are just a few 3-8 on avg. needed and you don't have to go back again.

Hi, I don’t think surgery is a correct way to get relief from your neck pain. I will suggest you at first you can do exercises, if you can’t do this, then you can visit your doctor.

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Laser therapy is not surgery. I suggest looking up cold laser therapy before you comment. I have used it twice.

If you are talking about cold laser therapy then yes it works. However, it depends on who does it and what the are using it for. I bought 3 sessions through Groupon and they were done at a physical therapy office. I felt a difference meaning improvement after the first session and I bought 7 more sessions. However, every body is different and
you want a diagnosis from your regular doctor so you know exactly what is wrong and where and that you won't be causing more harm. The person doing the laser treatment will want to know all that anyway if they are good at what they do.

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