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So I just got a new job my first job and I am starting this Monday.The thing is in 2 weeks on...

...December 14th I have to be off for 1 week. What should I do? Will I get fired since already I need to take a week off?

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Health - I had a colonostomy last week. The surgeon took out two hemroids and one large polyp. He?

... sent the Polyp to be biopsied. I have a scheduled appointment with him this week. I really do not like him. He was very rude to me. Can I have ...

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What happens to the unpaid tickets/citations on a vehicle after it is repossessed?

I bought a vehicle for someone completely under my name and they did not make the payments. It was repossessed a couple weeks after I received a ...

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Help! perineal tear did not heal correctly after childbirth. What can I do?

I had a baby over seven weeks ago. now there is a half inch long slit starting from the ...

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Is my wife cheating on me?

I have suspicions of my wife cheating, and I don’t know if I’m being paranoid or right, so I hope this helps you see my dilemma. A ...

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What does In "Transit The shipment is in transit to its destination" mean?

I ordered something from China a couple weeks ago and its been In the NY ISC for a while now. ...

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Is it OK to adopt a puppy at 6 weeks old?

It is a chocolate lab. We have another grown dog at the house who is totally calm and loves other dogs.

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Suggestions on baby twin girl names?

I need a whole big list of two names for twins. My sister is expecting twins in 1-4 weeks! Please help soon!

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