... will be good. I currently am a soccer player, and I'm very good at it. The reason I want to play football is because I love watching it on tv, and its fun to just throw the ball in the backyard with a friend. I'm not sure what position I should play. I prefer not to play kicker or punter just because I'm not very interested. I have actually tried kicking, and punting the football before and I wasn't very good at it anyway. I am 5'8 maybe 5'9, and a sophomore in highschool. I am very very fast, I'm kind of skinny with a decent amount of muscle. I'm 135 pounds. I can jump kind of high, but I don't have much hang time. Plus I jump better off of two feet which is pretty much impossible to do on the run. When catching the ball in my backyard I sometimes make really spectacular catches, but other times it just slips through my hands. When I'm throwing the ball I sometimes make spectacular throws, but other times its an awful throw. Since I'm fast, quick, kind of strong, have okay hands, but I can't jump too high, I was thinking more of a receiver who runs short routes. I'm not very good at playing safety, corner back or, line backer. What do you guys think? I may not even try out because I have never played before, and I don't even know if I'm good. If I do try out then something must have really encouraged me because I'm highly doubting that I will even try out. Oh, and my highschool team is really really good. I don't know what to do