If a girl wearing chudi without bra what problems will she have in public. ..?

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Well all the people that are different types you run across their beliefs are alot different but this would be what you would see others treating you like like your not important it might cignify that your easy that you don't care about your appearance or yourself .Get starred at alot by guys and not liked by other girls because of what your putting out there negative self worth although its might be a good way to go to be popular its called respect to yourself and others.

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Im going out side my house wearing chudi are nite without bra inside.. .is that right

My boob size is 34

I would wear something underneath it myself


What is ur boob size....?

Something i go collage by wearing chudi without bra....

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Is it acceptable in your place , or in your culture sumathy?

My friends compel me to come without bra

Anybody say...please share ur ideas

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What is a chudi?

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Chudidha....kurtha.. A type of dress

Good Sumathy..even I go out without bra with friends r my hubby to movie r beach it's our choice

Hmm kk

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