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How many languages ousmane kokoirey speak?

Ousmane kokoirey speak more than 7 languages zabarma 98%twi Ashanti 60% hausa 56% English 48% France 20% Arabic 10% fulani 5% jula 3% and other

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Should I continue to work for my dad’s business when his constantly pouncing humiliated me?

I feel like I’m walking on egg shells I barely speak and I get chewed at . All he does talks about money never does he ask how his grandkids or ...

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Questions about traveling to Spain?

I'm Puerto-Rican/American. I was born and continue to be raised in the U.S.A. I speak? very well Spanish, with a Puerto-Rican Accent. I ...

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Does anybody have an answer ? Plz help?

Those who just speak for Christianity ( or any other religion ), how sure are you that yours is the only true religion...And isnt ...

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How can I stop my speech impediment from controlling my life?

Every time I speak to someone I have to watch what I say. There's a lot of sounds and words that I have ...

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I have a design for clothing, what next?

I have some really good ideas for clothing designs, I would like to speak to a major company like armina, but I don't know ...

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What ways could a dragon speak instead of a mental connection or common tongue?

I am writing a fictional book with dragons in it. I don't really want the dragons to ...

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Why "spoke" instead of "speaked"?

Why do we use "spoke" instead of "speaked" as the past tense of "speak"? Or "flew" instead of ...

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