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What is the difference between 友 and 友達?

友 alone means friend/companion, and it still means that when written as 友達, but what's the difference?

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My boyfriend has an obsessive ex-girlfriend that won't leave him alone. What should he do?

My boyfriend is an angel. He wouldn't say anything rude to anyone, which includes his ex. This is a problem because he doesn't want to be ...

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Is it ok for two teenage girls to sleep together?

my little sister lives with me and somehow she got me to take in her friend who's parents left her alone. They had ...

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im 13 year old girl and i have no idea what to do. first off, my "best friend" has started verbally abusing me. she called me a ...

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Being my own friend?

the most difficult thing about this is being alone. right now i feel i'm stuck in rut. i do have friends but usually i can only see them on ...

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I am a 14 year old boy and have a crush on a 12 year old girl. would this be ok if I asked her out?

i am going into year 10 this wednesday and she is going into year 8. ...

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Is it weird for me to go to the movies alone?

Everybody, including my friends are all busy this weekend and I wanted to see a movie. Since everyone is busy, I have no one ...

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