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Should I rekey my house lock?

When your are moving into a new apartment or house, should you rekey or change all the locks?

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If I sleep in a garage with a faint gas smell, is that dangerous?

I’m currently staying part time in a garage while I try to get an apartment. The garage never had a car parked in it but gas cans and ...

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Did apartments exist in 1902?

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I am 19 years old talking to a 15 year old girl. I met her in my apartment complex when I was 17?

... close to turning 18 when we met. Were not dating but we have ...

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Getting an apartment?

this is a complicated question my mom is trying to get another apartment but the landlord said if she owed rent at another apartment they would deny ...

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I love a girl who is in my tuition and her birthday is on9th of april and can I propose her?

she lives beside my apartments and she is a hindu and i think she doubts ...

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How old do you have to be to rent a home or apartment?

Im 17 years old with a job and my fiance is 19 and he aswell has a job. were looking to move into a CHEAP apartment ...

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