... close to turning 18 when we met. Were not dating but we have something going on like we've kissed and hugged but have not dated. We started off as friends and she decided to date when she turns 16 and I'll be 20. It seems wrong but her mom is older than her dad by 9 years and their dad has a different kid with a different lady. Lately we've been arguing for the smallest thing for ex I have to ask her permission wherever I go she's controlling hits me all the time their just stupid things for stupid reasons. She reached her breaking point. She wants to end it she wants to move on and get over me but I told her to give each other space instead. We have tried to work things out and they always fail. Were both tired of arguing. She doesn't agree in giving each other space instead she wants to move on! should I let her go? Will she come back? I need help I really love this girl