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I don’t know how to cheer my boyfriend up! I want to help him so bad but instead of helping him I got mad over him because of his attitude- ...

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When does human life begin?

Hi I am doing a project on Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice attitudes. I need people to please answer the following question with either A, B, or C. ...

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What are your top 3 health/fitness struggles?

I am keen to hear what the public struggle with in achieving their ideal physique or state of health and investigate methods ...

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Why do people get annoyed by happy attitude?

I try to stay positive and always look for the good things in life. I stay away from negative behaviors and avoid negative ...

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What can you do about a newborn (3weeks) who has a bad attitude?

i have a 3 week old son but he has a bad attitude, often deliberately yelling and crying. when he does ...

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