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I’m going to Bali at the beginning of next year?

What the title says I’m gonna go to Bali at the beginning of next year It will be my first time. I just would like to know what’s the ...

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If God is the creator of all things, why did he create them?

Everything has a beginning except for God, and a reason why it began. People have theories, and different stories but what is the real reason?

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Fiancé's visa was denied and investgated in Vietnam. If I go to Vietnam and marry...

...will it get approved? My friend is trying to get his fiance to come to America to marry her. It was a fraud from the beginning. He was told at the ...

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I haven't been feeling like myself lately?

Last week I felt like myself; outgoing, hyper, crazy, cute, I just have a alot of personality and I make everyone laugh. At the ...

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Which trap artist is it? The beginning is turn up the volume watch the bass get 'em open?

Anyone know who this artist is? The beginning of the song (and throughout the ...

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Songs that relate to songs in "The Pearl" by John Steinbeck?

This is for a project. I can't find songs that represent songs in the pearl (Song of the pearl at the ...

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Do I have depression?

I am 12 soon turning 13, at the beginning of this year i was threatend to be killed and raped and that i wasnt safe in my own home and they would ...

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