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Need help on math!!?

In a survey of 2770 ​adults, 1447 say they have started paying bills online in the last year. Construct a​ 99% confidence interval for the pop ...

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What if George W. Bush were president first, and then Bill Clinton?

How do you think that President Clinton would have handled 9/11? The Invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan? How would he have dealt with the situation?

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PLEASE HELP! Need good advice for money?

Okay, so I'm 22 years old and I have 5 days to pay my bills and need 350 $, I have a job, but managed my money poorly and now I am 350 short. I ...

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How do I tell my family I'm an atheist?

i've been questioning religion myself for a few years. i finally watched "Bill Maher's" movie on religion and ...

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So my liver hurts after a night of drinking, it feels swollen, no health insurance. What do I do?

Ok, so here it goes. I once went to the ER(like4 months ago) because I ...

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Bill lund my ghost OK here it is I was at the stove cooking dinner, as plane as day I here my?

... husband,he passed away on 10-10-10. babe i love ya bunch's and ...

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What is Smuds "Deposits held" On my account? It says there is $170?

Is that money owed to me??? Can I put that money towards my SMUD bill?

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Wife calling School Male friend every day multiple times?

My wife has got in touch with her school friends a few months back. I noticed in her last mobile bill that she ...

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