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For which writing prompt would you use an evaluative thesis?

a. Compare and contrast bus travel with train travel, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. b. Compare and contrast honeybees and ...

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How will I cope?

I am so dependent on my mother. I cannot cook, clean or do laundry. I cannot drive, and have never taken a bus or train. I don't know how to ...

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What does it mean if you see double, triple, and quadruple numbers almost everyday?

I see a series of numbers almost everyday on clocks, license plates, bus numbers, ...

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I like this girl on my bus but I dont think she notices me!? I want to talk to her help me!!!?

Her name is Autumn and I want to talk to her but she is always by her ...

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I Do Not Understand What This Guy Is Doing!?

This kid is confusing me! He is at my bus stop and he drives me crazy. This kid was abusive now he is hitting on me. He used ...

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Im Jealous what do I do?

my bestfriend is sitting with a guy on the bus to an excursion that our class is going on, I only have her in that class as my friend, and a guy ...

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a school morning i woke up and went back to sleep accidently i missed my bus and was home all day while my mom was at work, i called here to tell her, when ...

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