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What was your dream job as a kid?

Random Survey: 1. What was your dream job as a kid? 2. What is your current occupation/career? 3. If you could change your career to whatever you ...

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Would socialism end the careers of high paid waiters?

Got a a socialist brother pulling down 200 dollar tips in high end San Francisco restaurant.

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Need help with my future career choice?

I live in the Middle East and I am about to make it to my second year of high school and at the beginning of the second year I have choose between a ...

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American School Algebra 1 exams 7-12 in need of extreme help?

I have completed quite a few other courses if anyone is up to trade or exchange help. I've completed ...

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Is she cheating or am I paranoid? I am married to an ex-stripper. She was still stripping when we?

... met but has returned to a respectable career. When we were dating ...

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Do people use midwives any more?

Do people have midwives alot seen things are getinng dangerous. I know they stil have them but is midwifes a good career? My mom said ...

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