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What to do if garage door emergency cord was pulled while in up position?

my garage door cord was pulled while it was still up. now i cant re engage the cord and the chain moves but the door doesnt. the chain doesnt catch ...

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Am I a lesbian?

I am lost. I have been married for over a decade and we have children. I am not into him though. I think about women to get off and I constantly catch ...

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How to get a fifth grade girl to like you?

There's this hot girl in my class who I totally like. I've liked her for 3 years and now I think she might like me ...

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What is the best pokemon to defeat the elite 4 in pokemon black and white?

Can someone tell me what pokemon I should catch to defeat the elite 4 in pokemon b/w?

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Help me re- catch my crushes attention please?

me and a boy had crushes on eachother in elementy school that continued into Jr. high. But we could only be really close ...

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HOw do I make her like me??! Please HeLp?? ( bi/les)?

So I met this girl just last week and Im interested in her. We havent talk to each other but we are aware of each ...

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