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Love - What should I do?

I met a nice girl at my local pool last week. We got chatting and exchanged numbers. She left her phone at home so she wrote my number down and I ...

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A guy wants closure after a week of chatting online. What do I say?

He asked me out after a day. I said I wanted to get to know him better before we go out. I chatted online with him for a week. He began to be a bit ...

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What if you Love a person through the internet and it seem's that she love you to but how do I know?

i met this girl in the internet a foreign women(Jessica) from US she ...

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Hey I proposed a girl but she didn't replied anything but she is still chating with me?

I proposed her around a week ago then she didnt reply and i stopped talking to her ...

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Why Do my girlfriend takes forever to answer while chatting?

It pisses me off when she answers everything fucking 5 minutes later Kinda wanted to ask her but maybe ...

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Love - Can you tell me if this guy likes me or not.? I have been chatting with a guy for more than?

... 2 years . He has seen but I have not.He first saw me sisnging and ...

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Why would a lesbian sleep with a man?

Was recently out with a friend and we got to chatting with two girls at the bar. One started coming on to me really strongly and we ...

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