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How do chickens, ducks, geese get "Fertilized"? "Inseminated"?

Well, they do not have a "Vagina" ---- Is a male even involved? Funny that I never asked before --- City boy! I once heard ...

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I'm in fifth grade and I wanna ask someone out?

Ok so I wanna ask a guy out and I'm CHICKEN. I don't no how to but I don't wanna sound stupid and ...

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I use xasten to add weight and it works for me but I have muscles and chicken pox when am using?

... xasten what drugs can I take to stop the muscles and chicken pox ...

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Vagina smells like smoked brisket?

I've gotten a new smoker and have been cooking like crazy on it. Today I ate smoked chicken thighs and yesterday ate smoked ...

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I'm underweight by 20lbs. I get full off of 3 chicken nuggets. What to I do?

I'm 5'1, 90lbs, at 20yrs of age. I love to eat, but I can't help that I get ...

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Question - What came first egg or chicken?

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