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Where do we draw the line when it comes to using/borrowing elements of another artists work?

I don't mean to justify stealing art, that is not what this is about in any way. I just see awesome collage artists create beautiful works of ...

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Filling for SSI for learning disability?

My boyfriend was in sp-ed classes all his life and he tried to go to college but was removed because he could not pass basic skills. What is the ...

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What am I meant to do? (Lifes Unfair)?

I'm 17 Male an I just started a music course yesterday at my new collage doing performance and production, when I got there we say and went ...

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I am a collage student in my last year.I have a home tuition miss who teach me from my childhood and

... I am her only student.but now problem is she allways coniseder ...

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Am I stupid or dyslexic?

I really struggle with understanding basic instructions. All my life I have been the "stupid friend." Teachers act like I am not trying ...

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I'm 15 almost 16 and thinking about taking a plumbing course and going to collage but maths Is not my strong point. Is that a problem? I'm not bad at ...

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Started on collage help!!!!!!!!!?

I am the first generation in my family to go to college and i don't understand any of this college stuff and i need help like where ...

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How do I get a boyfriend in 5th grade?!?!?

I like this guy named Jackson Y but he sounds like a guy who's going to start dating after or during collage and I ...

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