I don't mean to justify stealing art, that is not what this is about in any way. I just see awesome collage artists create beautiful works of art, they surely didn't take all those photographs and magazine clippings themselves, they just cut out someone elses work and created it in a different way.

Artists such as Jesse Treece take magazine clippings and create beautiful stunning collages, but she did not take those photographs, so is it truly HER art?

Artist Victoria Villasana uses old photographs of celebrities and people she didn't photograph herself, but she uses yarn and created beautifully colored embroidered designs on the photographs.

Many artists also mimic the style of other artists, or heck photoshoppers use others work for completely change it for their own uses and all the time this is "perfectly acceptable"

What is our definition of stealing/borrowing art? And where do we draw the line? I am really struggling with this as a younger artist.