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Why is follow-up care much needed after any Retinal Vein Occlusion?

Retina Vein Occlusion is a very complicated ophthalmological disorder. Any treatment requires follow-up care to understand how the treatment work. A ...

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Can parental control see history before the system was installed on the device?

nothing more complicated, I just want to know if the parental control system could see history on the device before it was installed.

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I have asked this question once before but I don’t think I gave enough detail .So I am going to try/

Sorry if it's a bit long but it's complicated. It concerns my wife's mom who when she passed away had no will.Its all takes place in ...

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Complicated relationship advice: I need an outsiders advice?

I'm an 18 year old boy and i have been with my girlfriend for 9 months now, she is a wonderful girl and ...

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Getting an apartment?

this is a complicated question my mom is trying to get another apartment but the landlord said if she owed rent at another apartment they would deny ...

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Why is life so complicated?

When we think of life, we think of a wonderful, peaceful experience. But underneath all of that glamour, life is rough, tough and imposing. So ...

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Complicated men?

Hey I recently met this guy on campus , and this was the very first time we met. We barely had any conversations , but right before he left , he gave me ...

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My friends and I are needing an original idea for something that can improve life.

We need a new and original idea to make life easier. It can be very simple or ...

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