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Is it possible to bring someone back from the dead even if their in ashes at their grave?

I understand scientists are trying to make a way to ressurect your loved ones from the dead.

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What kind of spider is it?

I found it on the road it looked dead. It does not move much but if i jiggle the box around it will run like a MF other than that it stays harmless. ...

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A floor system has W24 x 55 sections spaced 8’0” o.c. supporting a floor dead load of 50 psf...

...and a live load of 80 psf. Determine the governing load.

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What online games do people play?

other than mass effect 3, battlefield 3, & call of duty 3. what other games are PS3 players playing. do people still play "red ...

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My birth certificate says something that makes me wonder?

So my birth certificate says on the side that I am dead. It says on the side "Certifier/attender: death ...

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Is MJ really not dead ? I'm really curious about that?

people say that he is hiding from the illuminate people can that be true ? Help me figure out my dough

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My boyfriend said that I should drop dead?

i have a boyfriend and we have been toghether for 7 months, he said to me (in a angry mood) that i shoult drop dead. how shoult ...

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What does Beth mean when she says "I get it now" right before she stabs Dawn in Walking Dead?

Mid season finale of Walking dead, Season 5.

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