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I am currently in an informal separation. This seems to be leading into divorce.

Is there a reason financially that my husband would be stalling this process? Thank you

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My brother was in process of getting divorced when he died suddenly.

His wife is in nursing home from stroke. He wanted me to have his furniture that he purchased in his name only. I'm his sister and took care of ...

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Does HE REALLY want a DIVORCE????

Hi, My husband has been gone 5 weeks now, living with his dad. Here's my story....... Firstly me and my husband have been ...

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Who hates yahoo answers?

hi i' am new here and asking my first question i hate that site yahoo has the most trolls when i ask questions about marriage. And divorce ...

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Wife says she loves me and misses me but that she is not in love with me?

My wife of just over one year left me 9 weeks ago and I am a compleat mess because of it. We ...

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Mother Help?

The day after my mother threatened to get a divorce with my father, she gets drunk. I feel like crying and telling someone how I feel. I can't tell my ...

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What should I do after my spouse and I have separated with the intention of divorce? Thanks. Allan.

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