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‘Dating’ a separated woman?

I’ve been dating a woman who is separated and awaiting divorce. My question is, should I have an opinion about her ‘ex’ that feels ...

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I am currently in an informal separation. This seems to be leading into divorce.

Is there a reason financially that my husband would be stalling this process? Thank you

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Does HE REALLY want a DIVORCE????

Hi, My husband has been gone 5 weeks now, living with his dad. Here's my story....... Firstly me and my husband have been ...

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Who hates yahoo answers?

hi i' am new here and asking my first question i hate that site yahoo has the most trolls when i ask questions about marriage. And divorce ...

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Wife says she loves me and misses me but that she is not in love with me?

My wife of just over one year left me 9 weeks ago and I am a compleat mess because of it. We ...

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My boyfriend wants us to have his family dog.. What do I do?

I am with a 26 year old man. He's been married, currently going through a divorce with a 2 1/2 year old ...

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Mother Help?

The day after my mother threatened to get a divorce with my father, she gets drunk. I feel like crying and telling someone how I feel. I can't tell my ...

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