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What happens?

What happens when you give an answer a thumbs down on this site? I really want to know, so please don't remove this question. I'm curious.

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Would the consequences of getting t-boned in a vehicle be deadly?

I'm writing a story but I'm having trouble determining what scenario would be the most realistic. If a garbage truck was barreling down an ...

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To put out my candle I put the lid on however I didn't know you weren't supposed to push it down...

...and secure it and now I can't get the lid off. Is it airtight or did the rubber melt to the glass? Either way, how do I get it off?

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I hit my boyfriend first, then he hit me back a lot harder, worse, and more, should I forgive?

My boyfriend and I have had our ups and downs. I have a small temper, but ...

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My husband hit me for the first time in an 19 year marriage. I don't know what to do?

How do I forgive my husband for hitting me after 19 years of a loving and passionate ...

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I accidently flushed a wash cloth down the toilet yesterday, but the toilets flushing fine?

I accidently dropped it down the toilet when emptying a bucket of dirty water ...

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What music would I like?

Bands i really like are: Disturbed System Of A Down Wolfmother If you can think of any music with similar song structures, it doesn't even ...

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Is it possible to spawn herobrine in the xbox 360 edition of minecraft? I have seen videos of it?

is herobrine actually in the minecraft xbox 360? how do you find ...

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